Nikola Vudrag is an artist who has made a name for himself in the world of art through his metal sculptures.

Born 1989 in Croatia, Vudrag was drawn to the arts at a very young age, working alongside his father and grandfather who were both metalworkers. This early exposure to metalworking sparked his interest in the medium, and he has been creating metal sculptures ever since.

Vudrag's work is characterized by its intricate details and monumental designs. His sculptures are often inspired by nature and science. He likes to incorporate elements of geometry, mathematics, and physics into his sculptures, often using these concepts to create complex and intricate designs. He also draws inspiration from philosophical and mythological ideas, which he weaves into his sculptures, giving them deeper meaning and significance.

With artistic expression, creating unique, unconventional pieces from CorTen steel, Vudrag's art represents our society's values and current developments, making it a vital part of artistic expression. He challenges traditional boundaries of art and inspires new forms of creative thinking by combining industrial materials and artistic innovation.

"My inspiration comes from the world around me, the tangible and intangible. I want to capture, in metal, the essence of an idea, the beauty of a form, or the power of a concept. By shaping the metal, I can give voice to my thoughts and inspire others." N.V.